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*Mobile Notary *Mobile loan closings *Mobile Legal document notarization *Identity document verification  *Remote employment document verification  * Cash for Keys Program Field Rep/Negotiator  *Mobile fingerprinting *I-9 Verify for remote employees  *Bulk rate notarizations for process and summons servers

*Listing/selling   *NAID/HUD approved broker   *Internet marketing   *Property flyers   *Negotiations   *Required forms   *Drafting offers  *Title Company and closing arrangements   *Investor research and inspections   *Landlord property inspections  *Negotiating Offers  *Occupancy and general condition inspections   *Paperwork only transactions.

Inspection Services

Disaster InspectionInspection determines the property condition, with documented damages, if applicable, due to a disaster

Document or Letter Delivery/Posting Service
This service is to verify that property specific documents/notices have been delivered to the property owner/occupant w/photo verification, and is subject to specific Client instructions.

Due Diligence Inspection
Inspection documents the occupancy and property condition of the property-noting risks, damages, or violations.

Insurance Inspection
Inspection is a tool for the insurance industry new insurance policies, 2nd looks, or as a recertification when policies renew.

Insurance Loss Inspection
This inspection provides the inspector’s opinion of the approximate percentage of repairs completed based on the range and dollar amount of repairs.

Loan Origination Inspection/Funding Inspection
Inspection provides a review of the occupancy and property condition of each property prior to funding.

Occupancy Inspection
The primary purpose of this inspection is to determine if a property is currently occupied.

Photo Service
Specific request photos are available.

Property Check/Property Condition Inspection
Property Check is an on-site assessment of the property to determine the overall condition and any damages or changes. Inspections can be completed weekly, bi-weekly or on a monthly basis per client guidelines. The check may be interior and/or exterior condition, documenting damages, violations, or hazardous conditions. The check may also be used to assess the initial or ongoing maintenance of the property.

Sale Date Inspection
This inspection type is conducted on a specific date determining the condition of the property, and its’ occupancy status.

Additional Inspection Types:
*Bankruptcy Inspection *Borrower interview *Business verification * Collateral Inspections *Commercial Inspections *Construction Progress Inspections *Contact Attempt Inspection *Delinquency Inspections *Drive By Inspections *Foreclosure Inspection *Home Improvement Verification *Insurance Inspections w/sketches *Manufactured/Mobile Housing Inspection *No-Contact Inspection *Reverse Mortgage Inspection *Rush Inspection *Sale Date Inspection

*Our 24 Hour Notary services called NIGHT NOTARIES
After Hours, Weekends, and Short Notice Notary Public Appointments

Need a notary: after standard business hours, over the weekend, have an emergency or short notice requirement? Call NIGHT NOTARIES.

One of our Notaries can meet you at your office, your residence, or an alternative mutually agreed upon location. For urgent Notarial matters
call Mary T Tahtinen at (810) 293-1528 or email me at for immediate assistance.

For Lapeer County     (primary*) call Lisa Page at (810) 241-3938

For St Clair County    (primary*) call Linda Jovanovich-Turke at (810) 689-0625

For Genesee County  (primary*) call Mary T Tahtinen at (810) 293-1528

* Locations are not limited to those counties listed above, just listing our base areas.

Notary services anytime, any place...Including but not limited to:  Professional Buildings, Business Offices, Private Homes, Nursing, Convalescence and
Private Care Homes, Hospitals, Jails and Prisons